An international, randomized clinical trial to study inhibitor development in Previously Untreated Patients (PUPs) or Minimally Blood component-Exposed Patients (MBEPs) when exposed to von Willebrand Factor-containing Factor VIII concentrates (plasma-derived) or to recombinant products.
This study has just been published in The New England Journal of Medicine.
» SIPPET Study Questions & Answers

What is the difference between recombinant and plasma-derived factor VIII? What are inhibitors? Flora Peyvandi talks about the aims and scopes of the SIPPET study

The importance of randomized clinical trials: Flora Peyvandi explains the difference between the SIPPET study and other clinical trials investigating inhibitor development in hemophilia

Is it important that hemophiliacs be kept up-to-date about ongoing clinical trials? Flora Peyvandi talks about the possible implications of the SIPPET study

The SIPPET study was sponsored by the Fondazione Angelo Bianchi Bonomi

The contract research organization of SIPPET study was Sintesi Research

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