Top Five Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


While there are pros and drawbacks to every laser cutting method, it appears that fiber laser cutting machine offers the most overall value. This type of laser cutting is new, having gained popularity just in the previous several decades.

Several significant benefits can be gained by using a fiber laser. Fiber lasers typically have a small footprint and provide excellent environmental protection for the light propagating through them. They can generate ultra-short pulses and offer a wide adjustment range for the wavelength they emit. Because of their high power and efficiency can be used for a wide variety of cutting tasks.

Machines that use fiber lasers for cutting are highly versatile and can be used in various fields. Read on to find out about the other advantages of these powerful computers.


The cost-effectiveness of fiber laser cutting is a significant benefit. This technology has substantial upfront and total cost of ownership savings. Unlike other forms of laser technology, it doesn’t need pricey optical mirrors.

On top of that, the cutting head keeps the focusing lens hidden from view. Because of this, the focusing lens, if cared for properly, can last as long as the fiber optics, rather than wearing out and needing frequent replacements like in other laser applications.

Avoids Heat Damages

This is because the laser produced by fiber laser cutting equipment is so intense that it can readily slice through thick metals. Another advantage of fiber lasers is that their beams can be so focused that they won’t harm the object’s surrounding material.

This has applications in a wide variety of fields. In the electronics Industry, for example, the beam must operate at tiny sizes without destroying the components that keep electronic gadgets functioning correctly.


With the optical channel shielded by cladding layers, a fiber laser’s laser beam is more stable and requires less maintenance than other lasers. The result is that fiber lasers exhibit excellent stability even when subjected to extremes of temperature and vibration.


Traditional CO2 lasers consume significantly more power during the laser beam generation process. Cutting with a 2-kW fiber laser setup destroys only 13 of the energy required by a 4 kW CO2 machine. Because of the lower energy requirements, the fiber optic arrangement not only helps increase the lifespan of the gear but also saves power every time it is utilized.

Out-Standing Performance

Fiber lasers also provide better performance than most of their competitors. Fiber lasers offer larger power densities and a significantly higher beam quality, which may be precisely concentrated to attain exceedingly accurate levels of precision. The essential advantage of using fiber laser cutting methods is the decreased mechanical stress on the sheet metal shape.

Final Words

The fact that laser cuts may be done extremely close together without damaging the sheet metal is a significant factor in their ability to reduce scrap. Not only that but there is a proper setting and occasion for using every laser variety. Here are the top five reasons why a fiber optics laser is preferable to a traditional CO2 laser.


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