Trailer boom lift: versatile machine for ariel jobs


A trailer boom lift has so many versatile applications. It is most commonly used to lift the workers to perform ariel jobs. For instance, fruit picking, roof maintenance, tree trimming, etc. Many websites are selling trailer boom lifts online. You can choose the specified model according to your need and usage. But before placing the order, choose a reliable and trustworthy website to avoid difficulties. Let’s look at the advantages and applications of trailer boom lifts so you can learn more about them.

Boom lift

A trailer boom lift is also known as a Mobile elevated work platform, elevated work platform or EWP, ariel work platform, and cherry picker. The reason for the popularity of trailer boom lifts is that harvesters use them to pick fruits in gardens and lawns. That’s why cherry picker is one of the names of trailer boom lifts. You can get a height of 52 feet in the air using specific models. The compact structure and design can help you reach inaccessible workplaces. Below is the list of jobs you can perform using a trailer boom lift. Let’s look at those.

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Exterior painting
  • Christmas Lighting
  • Residential construction
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Tree trimming
  • Roofing

Choosing the best boom lift

You can rent the boom lift if you plan to use it occasionally. But if you want to use it more often, you should buy it. Because renting the boom lift to perform the job on a weekly or even monthly basis can cost you more. That’s why it is beneficial to buy a trailer boom lift to get the most benefits from it. Moreover, purchasing the lift will make you trouble-free.

Considerations before buying

Below are some considerations you should consider before buying an ariel platform lift.

  • An electric boom lift is best if you want to use the ariel lift for indoor work. The reason is that these lifts are quieter, so the operation will be smoother. Moreover, electric boom lifts produce zero emissions of gases because of the use of batteries. On the other hand, diesel lifts are preferred for performing outdoor and heavy-duty jobs. However, some motors can operate on gas and propane both. These are known as dual-fuel boom lifts; the benefit is that these can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  • For rough terrain, it is always recommended to use the diesel boom lift. But for performing the jobs using a diesel boom lift on rough terrain, you will need a boom truck of the required size. The truck should show stability while performing jobs on uneven locations.
  • You should remember that size does not matter in every situation of boom lifts. The weight of the boom lift can cause the truck to get stuck in places like mud or soil.
  • Measure and consider the areas and locations first so you can decide which articulated boom lift you have to use on this worksite.
  • Always choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier. It will help you save time and money.


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