Which Surface Is Best For Outdoor Backyard Basketball Court


Customized outdoor basketball court construction services are offered by ZSFloor to customers for their commercial and backyard courts. Realize your dreams of playing basketball by purchasing premium sports tiles from us. Because ZSFloor basketball court flooring has a built-in shock absorber, it can deliver a bounce rate of 96%.

The main reason court builders like ZSFloor use it is that it complies with FIBA regulations. ZSFloor offers interlocking sports flooring so that consumers may rapidly construct backyard half-courts for basketball. Any shade and size of the court are acceptable. One-time construction yields lifetime use.

The surface flooring was created specifically for an outdoor backyard basketball court. The exceptional flexibility of its shock-absorbing pads can significantly increase the ground’s ability to absorb impacts. It may be utilized in more situations because of the variable expansion joints between the floors; in other words, variations in temperature won’t have an impact on the performance of the floor.

Dimensions of the Backyard Basketball Court

  • There are some standards, however, it depends on whatever court you compare.
  • It was taken into consideration by the architects of the court what will be the age and the budgets of the players who are the main users of the court.
  • Measurements of the common backyard basketball court’s dimensions tell that it is estimated to be 60 feet by 90 feet.
  • If you have limited space than a half-court basketball court can be planned that has dimensions of 30 ft. by 50 ft.
  • Professional courts are 28.65 meters long and 15.24 meters wide in metric measurements.

Length of Basketball Court

The estimated length of the high school is 84ft and in terms of meters it is 25.6 long. As compared to standard court NBA court is considered 10ft longer. For the purpose of hosting games for professionals consisting of the WNBA, the 94-foot-long court is used.

Certain Benefits of Backyard Basketball Court

Here we will discuss some advantages of backyard basketball courts.

Technology of Shock Absorbance

By putting shock absorbers on the floor, we most importantly safeguard the athlete’s lower knee from harm.

Fast Dry Technology

Although we cannot stop the rain, we have put quick-dry technology on the floor to ensure that it won’t impede your enjoyment.

Technology of Anti-Slipping

Although we cannot promise that athletes won’t fall, we do lessen their chances by providing a floor with high slip resistance.

4-Installation of Backyard Basketball Court

It can be installed with just a concrete or asphalt foundation. Before installation, our engineers must assess certain gravel settings. It has a ten-year warranty and requires no maintenance after installation; all that is required to clean it is water.

Final Wording

As in this article, a detailed discussion is provided regarding the outdoor backyard basketball courts about their dimensions, size, and length and about certain advantages of installing this court for your backyard. For playing games of basketball people mostly choose the court for their game practice in their comfort zone. Hope so you would find this article interesting and informative.


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